The Shelter for Battered Women & Children was formed in response to a need to provide support and a safe house for victims of domestic violence in Trinidad and Tobago. As a registered charity, The Shelter is run by an elected board of volunteers and is operated through its own fund raising initiatives, donations and support from volunteer organisations and individuals. We are currently seeking volunteers to join our Management Committee.

You can get in touch with us here too, or to volunteer.


Phone: 628-0861
Fax: 628-1116


  • Diego Martin – Four Roads Police Community Facility 632-3463
  • Arima – Nkevah Centre 667-5353
  • Arima – Goshen House 642-1693 (Battered women and teenage pregnancy)
  • Sangre Grande – Mizapeh Halfway House 668-3897
  • Chaguanas – Hope Shelter 672-5620
  • Tobago – Towers Safe House 639-4620
  • Gasparillo – Halfway House 657-9114
  • Central – Social Establishment for the Welfare of All 679-4649
  • Siparia – Medinah House 657-2753 (Boys under 12, girls under 16)
  • La Brea – Vision of Hope 648-7730 (Boys under 12)
  • Rio Claro – Myrtle’s Place 331-6450
  • San Juan – Home for Family Reconciliation 674-3088
Please note that The Shelter's main telephone lines are down at the moment however you may reach us at 622-2812.